Red Light Therapy Benefits & How to Fight Aging

Want to know everything there is to know about red light therapy benefits? If you’re concerned about premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, you may have come across the term red light therapy before. This is a health and wellness technique which involves applying red low-level wavelengths of light to combat signs of aging, as well as treat a number of minor skin conditions.

This scientific approach to skincare is said to effectively fight aging and improve the appearance of skin, but it’s important to understand what red light therapy is and how red light therapy works before making the decision on whether it’s the right skincare treatment for you.

Red light therapy benefits primarily relate to combating the early signs of aging, however if you have minor scarring, red light therapy is said to help improve the texture and look of damaged skin tissue. So whether you’re looking for a new treatment to fight aging, improve the appearance of a scar or you’re interested in learning more about how red light therapy can help pain and inflammation in the body, this article is for you. Let’s first take a look at red light therapy research and the main red light therapy pros and cons.

Red Light Therapy Research

Since red light therapy was first developed by scientists to help grow plants in space in the early 1990s, let’s begin with the scientific research behind red light therapy. After being initially used and studied by NASA to support and speed up the process of plant cell growth, red light therapy was later studied for its medicinal and healthcare benefits.

Additional red light therapy research found that it may actually help to increase energy inside human cells and therefore could improve chronic pain, promote the production of collagen in the skin, stimulate skin rejuvenation and speed up the process of skin cell renewal and healing.

In fact, red light therapy research has identified that this course of treatment carries a range of health benefits. Red light therapy benefits include but are not limited to; pain relief, stimulates hair growth, promotes tissue repair and fights aging. Red light therapy is now used to treat a wide range of ailments such as acne, hair loss, muscle pain, premature aging, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The question is, how does red light therapy work and will it be effective at fighting aging? Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment and can be applied almost anywhere on the body. Using a red light lamp or laser, the low-level red light waves are allowed to shine onto the surface of the skin, penetrating your skin cells. The treatment usually needs to be repeated several times in order for patients to benefit. Red light therapy can be carried out under the supervision of a medical or healthcare professional, but you can also purchase red light therapy lamps for use at home.

As the red light rays make contact with the skin cells, it produces a biochemical effect which strengthens the mitochondria, which is like the cell’s brain and is where energy is created. By stimulating this part of a cell, more energy can be produced, the cell can function more efficiently. It’s this process that is thought to enable the cell to repair itself, as well as renew itself. Without getting too scientific, this is basically how red light therapy works and fights aging.

To fight aging, the levels of collagen in the skin must be increased. It is the decrease of collagen production in the body over time that contributes to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and premature aging. Red light therapy helps to boost collagen production and therefore fights aging as well as preventing premature aging.

Red Light Therapy Pros and Cons

So now we know how red light therapy works, let’s explore red light therapy pros and cons. One of the main red light therapy benefits is that it is both a non-invasive treatment and it is painless. This means that for those suffering from skin conditions such as painful acne, sensitive skin and scarring, this particular course of treatment wont cause additional pain or sensitivity. It also won’t make skin conditions worse which can often happen with chemical skin peels, acne medicine and other skincare treatments designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, as you’re using a powerful light directly on the surface of your skin, it is very important to be careful. There are known cases of burns and blistering from using red light therapy. Although, this often happens when using red light therapy lamps at home and when patients fail to keep track of the time spent exposing skin to this powerful light.

When used correctly and safely, red light therapy has many health and skincare benefits. Not only can red light therapy fight aging and improve skin elasticity, but it can also help to improve your overall sense of health and wellbeing too! Red light therapy is said to boost the immune system, balance hormone levels in the body and contribute towards weight loss. So by using this treatment to fight aging, you’re also gaining additional health benefits too.

Plus recent studies are hinting that red light therapy can also improve declining eyesight and these studies are soon to be replicated by the US Food and Drug association. If successful, this could dramatically change millions of people’s lives and reduce the need to undergo laser eye treatment.

Red Light Therapy Benefits to Fight Aging

If you’re concerned about premature aging and you’re looking for an effective and non-invasive way to fight aging, red light therapy is for you. An easy treatment to incorporate into your skincare routine, it is even being used to prepare models for the runway. Collagen-boosting red light therapy was used previously to prepare Victoria Secret Angels before stepping onto the runway for a show. Combining hydrating moisturisers, a healthy and well balanced diet with red light therapy will certainly help you to transform your skin and fight aging, without having to resort to fillers, Botox or harsh chemical peels.

Red light therapy is widely available and is an affordable treatment for most people. Whether you plan to invest in a red light therapy lamp or you’re thinking about seeking professional red light therapy as an on-going skin care treatment plan, the benefits to your skin and health are very encouraging.

Rather than commit to paying for painful injections and fillers, choose pain free red light therapy to combat premature aging. As you may well know, there are many risks associated with using fillers and Botox and the results just don’t last. To be kinder to your skin, choose non-invasive and pain free red light therapy instead. Instead of injecting a chemical into your body, use science to fight aging by increasing collagen production and improve skin texture to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Before trying red light therapy at home, consult your doctor or dermatologist, especially if you have a severe skin condition. Alternatively seek advice from a healthcare or skincare expert and discover how red light therapy can give you a more youthful and radiant glow and effectively fight aging.